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Sector 10A, Gurgaon, Gurugram, Haryana
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Our Strengths

We believe in five parameters that are our strength. These include:
  • Quality first
  • On time Delivery
  • Competitive prices
  • Prompt Response
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Sui - generis after sale Support

Some of the features that support us in matching up with client’s requirements include:
  • State-of-art manufacturing unit and R&D department
  • Team working on latest software support like Pro-E, Auto Cad so as to deliver better design precision in the offered machines

Believing in easily accessible flow of information at each level of operations, we have designed our own ERP Software that helps in –
  • Releasing Purchase orders
  • PPC
  • Vendor Follow-ups
  • Flow of Materials in Works

Further, the Software also assists in maintaining close monitoring at each and every stage of processes as well as also updating customers regarding their order stages.
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  • These General Conditions shall apply, save as varied by express agreement accepted in writing by both parties.
  • The Vendor - MHPL. which includes their assigns.
  • The Purchaser - means the other party to the Contract, his/their heirs, legal representatives and permitted assigns.
  • The Contract shall be deemed to have entered into when, upon receipt of an order the Vendor has sent an acceptance in writing.
  • Any addition or alteration to the Contract terms shall bind parties only if agreed to in writing.
  • The Purchaser will be entitled only to the supply of goods expressly specified in the Contract and nothing else.
  • The laws of India will apply.
  • Contract is entered into in Haryana. Any cause of action under the Contract shall be deemed to arise in Haryana and subject to clause
  • Suits if any, will be filed only in Courts in Haryana.
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Drawing and Descriptive Documents

  • The weights, dimensions, capacities, prices, performance ratings and other data included in catalogues, prospectus, circulars, advertisements, illustrated matter and price lists constitute an approximate guide. These data shall not be binding save to the extent that they are by reference expressly included in the Contract.
  • Any drawings or technical documents intended for use in the construction of the Plant or of part thereof and submitted to the Purchaser prior or subsequent to the formation of the Contract remain the exclusive property of the Vendor. They may not, without the Vendor’s consent, be utilized by the Purchaser or copied, reproduced, transmitted or communicated to a third party.
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  • Price is payable at Haryana.
  • Any payment made as earnest money or security deposit (which also shall mean earnest money, is accepted by Vendors only without liability to pay any interest, and is liable to be forfeited without prejudice to Vendor’s other rights in case Purchaser cancel the Contract or portion thereof or does not abide by Contract terms.
  • Contract price does not include Excise or other duties, taxes on sale, purchase, assessments, levies nor additional expenses occasioned by causes beyond Vendor’s control (including statutory impositions) or by force majeure. All said amounts (or at Vendor’s option a deposit towards same), shall be paid by Purchaser on demand.
  • If any amount collected by Vendor from Purchaser as or towards tax on sale is paid by Vendor to Government, any subsequent refund of the amount to Purchaser on the ground that tax is not legally due to Government on the transaction will be subject to actual receipt of refund either of the entire tax amount or any part thereof as the case may be from Government by Vendor.
  • Prices are based on Vendor’s ruling prices and are subject to adjustment upto time of delivery and the order is therefore accepted on the clear understanding that Purchaser agrees to pay on demand price enhancement as aforesaid.
  • Rupee prices are based on ruling rates of exchange.
  • Prices are based on ruling costs of raw materials & components whether locally manufactured, or otherwise and on ruling export and transit taxes and other levies as well as on prevailing rates of freight for direct route of transit and also on ruling rates of insurance and customs duty, excise duty / octroi / town duty and other levies where freight / insurance / duty or other levy is / are included in the Contract. Enhancements if any, plus duty thereon as well as premium for insurance against war risk / riot & civil commotion, if any and also all extra expenses which prima facie could not be taken into account at the time of the Contract including any from alteration of laws, devaluation or revaluation of currencies or from a classification of goods by Government involving assessment at a rate different from the one taken in Quotation / Contract, or from increase in the cost price of goods to the Vendor during the time delivery was held up due to causes beyond Vendor’s control as per Clause 4.
  • Time of payment is the essence of the Contract and the Contract is entered into on the clear understanding that Purchaser agrees to make payment notwithstanding any dispute or counter claim which will however be settled as provided for in Clause 7.
  • Interest @ 18% per annum will be payable on demand on all outstanding from the date of default.
  • In cases where Vendor agrees at Purchasers’ request to hand over documents for collection to any Bank specified by Purchaser, then Purchaser undertakes to make good the payment involved to Vendor if for any reason whatsoever (including the failure of the Bank) payment is not actually received by Vendor from the Bank within 15 days from date of delivery of documents to Bank.
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  • The time for delivery is an estimate only, unless agreed upon on a fixed time delivery.
  • Should delay in delivery be caused by industrial disputes or any other circumstances (eg. Fire, mobilization, requisition, insurrection, shortage of transport, general shortage of materials and restrictions in the use of power) which are beyond the control of Vendor, there shall be granted an extension of the delivery period as is reasonable having regard to all the circumstances of the case.
  • Contracts are entered into in consideration of definite understanding that especially in the case of goods specially manufactured for the specific requirement of Purchasers,the Purchasers will accept delivery of the consignment as and when received and will not cancel the Contract or claim any compensation for delays if any in delivery / despatch. In any event the Vendor shall not be liable for consequential damages.
  • The Purchaser will inspect the goods immediately on arrival and will within 7 days from the date of arrival give Vendor notice of any matter or thing by reason whereof they may allege that the goods are not in accordance with the Contract. If the Purchaser fails to give such notice, the goods will be deemed to be in all respects in accordance with the Contract and the Purchaser will not be entitled thereafter to put in any claim against Vendor.
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Inspection and Tests

  • Inspection of goods and acceptance tests to be carried out, unless otherwise agreed, will be made at Vendor’s works and during normal working hours. If the technical requirements of the tests are not specified in the Contract, the tests will be carried out in accordance with the general practice in the appropriate branch of Industry where the goods are manufactured.
  • The Vendor shall give the Purchaser sufficient notice of the tests to permit the Purchaser’s representatives to attend. If the Purchaser is not represented at the tests, the test report shall be communicated by the Vendor to the Purchaser and shall be accepted as accurate by the Purchaser.
  • In the case of custom built or fully tooled up machines or equipment, it is understood that the Purchaser shall make available the Vendor components for trial machining in adequate quantity and in the condition as it comes to the machine when the equipment is reported to be ready for trials.
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Property / Risk

  • Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in any of the terms and conditions governing this Quotation / Contract, with the delivery of the goods / with the endorsement and / or delivery as the case may be of the bill of Lading / Railway Receipt / Delivery Order or other documents of title to goods or where the shipment is arranged by Purchaser with the handing over of the goods / documents to Purchaser or their agents, the property in the Contract goods will vest in the Purchaser unless otherwise expressly stipulated. However until the goods are fully paid for, the Purchaser agrees that the goods shall be subject to a charge or hypothecation in favour of the Vendor by way of security for their outstanding Contract dues, if any, and no creditor will be entitled to take them in execution nor will the assignee, receiver or liquidator of the Purchaser have any claim to them except subject to the said charge in favour of the Vendor nor any Bank shall have any claim to them under any hypothecation deed except, subject to said charge in favour of the Vendor for their outstanding Contract dues. In case default in payment of Vendor’s use or any installment thereof Vendor will have right to enter upon the premises where the Contract goods are lying or installed for the time being and retake physical possession of the same from the Purchaser without prejudice to Vendors’ other rights and remedies under the Contract and the Purchaser hereby agrees to give Vendor the necessary leave and license for same.
  • The risk in the goods will become the Purchaser’s from the time the goods allocated to Purchaser’s Contract are shipped / dispatched. Replacements will be subject matter of a fresh Contract on fresh terms. The Contract will be executed in respect of any goods comprised therein not lost or destroyed in transit. In cases where goods are not fully paid for whether at the time of shipment / dispatch or otherwise, Vendor may at his option take out insurance for an amount not less than full invoice value and continue the insurance until receipt of full payment by them and Purchaser agree to pay the relative premiums on demand.
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Remedies for Breach of Contract

  • If Purchaser does not pay Vendors’ dues or any portion thereof within 7 days of demand (or when an extension of time for payment has been given in writing, on expiry of such time): or if Purchaser cancel the Contract or portion thereof or do not abide by Contract terms, Vendor will be entitled without prejudice to all their rights including right for damages :-
    to rescind the Contract either in its entirety or so far any lot of the goods that may be undelivered and to treat security / deposit if any, paid by Purchaser as forfeited, or to resell the goods or any lot thereof abroad or in India at Vendors option either by private Contract or by public auction and to recover from the Purchaser the Contract price and all other dues less the net proceeds of such resale remaining after deduction therefrom :-
    • storage, insurance and other charges paid
    • a reselling commission of 5% on amount realized on such a sale or
    • to take back the goods to recover from Purchaser Contract price and other dues and damages.
  • Purchaser will not be entitled to profits, if any, on resale. Where goods are subsequent to sale, held by Vendor on Purchasers’ behalf, Vendor has a right of lien and resale in respect of said goods for recovery of their dues as bailees.
  • In cases where credit is given, the insurance policy certificate if any covering the Contract goods need not be endorsed to the Purchaser but may continue to stand in Vendor’s name and may be retained by them. In the event of loss of any goods covered by the Contract while the insurance is in force, credit given to Purchaser shall be considered as cancelled at Vendor’s option and all outstanding amounts shall then be treated as having become due and payable immediately forthwith and Vendor may in such cases apply the amounts, if any, realized under the insurance policy towards Contract out standings without prejudice to their other rights. Purchaser further agrees to allow Vendor without prejudice to Vendors’ other rights, a right of lien and resale in respect of any goods in Vendors’ possession belonging to Purchaser and also a lien on amounts, if any, due and payable by Vendor to Purchaser whether in respect of any goods bought from Purchaser or otherwise with an option in favour of the Vendor to apply said amount realised by Vendor from resale of goods as aforesaid against outstanding.
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  • Payment shall be made in the manner and at the time or times agreed by the parties.
  • Any advance payments made by the Purchaser are payments on account and do not constitute a deposit, the abandonment of which would entitle either party to terminate the Contract.
  • If delivery has been made before payment of the whole sum payable under the Contract, goods delivered shall, remain the property of the Vendor until such payment has been effected. The Purchaser shall give the Vendor every assistance in taking any measures required to protect the Vendor’s right of property or such other rights as aforesaid.
  • A payment conditional on the fulfillment of an obligation by the Vendor shall not be due until such obligation has been fulfilled, unless the failure of the Vendor is due to an act or omission of the Purchaser.
  • If the Purchaser delays in making any payment, the Vendor may postpone the fulfillment of his own obligations until such payment is made, unless the failure of the Purchaser is due to an act or omission of the Vendor.
  • Save as aforesaid, if the Purchaser delays in making any payment, the Vendor shall on giving to the Purchaser within a reasonable time notice in writing to be entitled to the payment of interest on the sum due at the rate of 20% from the date on which such sum became due. If at the end of the period of 3 months, the Purchaser shall still have failed to pay the sum due, the Vendor shall be entitled by notice in writing to the Purchaser and without requiring the consent of any Court, to terminate the Contract and thereupon to recover from the Purchaser the amount of his loss up to the sum of 100% of the selling price of the machine minus the sum that can be realised by selling it elsewhere.
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  • Subject as hereinafter set out, the Vendor undertakes to remedy any defect resulting from faulty design materials or workmanship.
  • This liability is limited to defects which appear during the period, (hereinafter called “the Guarantee Period”).
  • The Guarantee Period shall start from the date on which the Purchaser receives notification in writing from the Vendor that the machine is ready for dispatch from the works. If dispatch is delayed, the Guarantee Period shall be extended by a period equivalent to the amount of the delay so as to permit the Purchaser the full benefit of the time given for trying out the Machinery. Provided however that if such delay is due to a cause beyond the control of the Vendor such extension shall not exceed 6 months.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, the Purchaser shall bear the cost and risk of transport of defective parts and of repaired parts or parts supplied in replacement of such defective parts between the place where the machine is situated and the Vendor’s works if the Contract is “ex-works” or F.O.R.;
  • Where, in pursuance of paragraph 4 hereon, repairs are required to be effected on site, the conditions covering the attendance of the vendor’s representative on site shall be such as may be specially agreed between the parties.
  • Defective parts replaced in accordance with this clause shall be placed at the disposal of the Vendor.
  • Guarantee, if any, given by Vendor does not in any case extend to consequential damages.
  • Guarantee given, if any, does not cover the costs of service of Vendor’s Engineers and such costs will be paid by Purchaser on demand.
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Having established our business in the year 1999, at New Delhi, India, we have come a long way since then and have learned and improvised a great deal from our experiences that have helped us to establish our market presence as a leading and well recognized name in Hydraulic Pressing Equipment. The consistent and dedicated support with a strong growth vision provided by our leader Mr. Sumit Sapra, has helped us to understand and bring enhancements in the technology standards used and research efforts to deliver superior functional value as well as longer service life standards in the resulted machines.

The milestones in terms of achievements we have gained during this journey include:
  • Gaining in- depth knowledge of parameters involved in design, manufacturing and execution of Hydraulic based projects
  • Gaining experience so as to ensure client’s complete hydraulic process requirement in well understood and met with
  • Securing exiting customers and concurrently augmenting new customers to MHPL Family
  • Establishing a brand name in the market for the company's in-house manufactured products
  • Excelling in our design & engineering capabilities that helps in optimizing project handling
  • Maintaining baseline centric approach and FOCUS
  • A dedicated service support of professionals who have been with us and have helped us to emerge as a well distinguished part of the competition in the hydraulic machinery market
  • Adaptation of advanced three dimensional solid modeling in involved processes which have helped us to optimize parameters involved in designing, development and maintaining overall quality
  • Gathering latest technologies and maintaining the working standards all throughout the working
  • Successfully representing our company in leading Trade Fairs like IMTOS Fare Participation in the year 2009 and ENGIMACH Fare Participation in the year 2010 to showcase the advancements we have made in the field of hydraulic machinery
  • Last but not the least, maintaining client’s confidence in our products.
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Infrastructure is the key to growth. Owing to our sprawling infrastructure that spreads up in the area of 30, 000 sq. feet, we are delivering high quality hydraulic machines. The facility is installed with advanced machines that are operated by task oriented and self confident people.
We have in our team :
  • Design Worker - 3
  • Other - 40
  • Junior Management - 5
  • Skilled Technicians - 15
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With operations backed by team of trained professionals, we ensure execution of work orders as per the defined standards.

Our post production facilities include the following :
  • State-of-the-art packaging facilities backed by team of well trained professionals
  • Handling complete packaging demands through use of different packaging material options
  • Transport and packaging requirements considered to ensure flawless operation handling
  • Packaging processes carried under supervision of experts
  • Well constructed boxes to protect supplied Hydraulic machines from damages during transit
  • Each consignment well labeled
  • Use of well defined material handling procedures to ensure safe transportation of packed consignment
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Sumit Kumar (Managing Director & CEO)
Micro Hydro Technic Private Limited
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Sector 10A, Gurgaon - 122001, Gurugram, Haryana, India
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